Michael Sheridan

Michael was awarded the equipment to begin acoustic analysis and a day at J & A Beare to discuss acoustics with Andrea Ortona and get feedback on a couple of his instruments. He writes: 

I bought a measurement microphone and USB interface with the award. I will also purchase software once I have a better understanding of the analysis and the available products.
I have obtained spectra of modes I, II and V of my 4th violin and checked them to tap tones, altered the modes to match standard target frequencies and seen the associated changes to the spectra. I investigated the change to the spectra during f-hole cutting, fluting and bass bar fitting. I am getting a much better feel for relative impact of these actions on the free plates. I have also looked at the higher-frequency changes during these actions. Given the understood limitations of any free-plate analysis my next step is to build a rig for complete instruments. I also plan to improve my method of impact so I can factor the amplitude of response by impact force and therefore compare my readings to other violins.
My day at J & A Beare was a great experience. Mark Robinson gave feedback on my making, looking at many details such as golden period purfling and fluting and antiquing. Andrea discussed the acoustic analyses he has carried out over past decades and we looked at what I have done to date and where to go in the future. We discussed a project to measure instrument stiffnesses which we have been developing since then. I also had time to look over and make notes on some beautiful instruments. Many thanks to everyone at J & A Beare and RAB Trust!