Neal Hepplestone

Neal Hepplestone has sent the following lines and the photos of one of the beautiful double basses he made:

I was awarded the British Violin book in my finally year at the Newark School of Violin Making, I have found the resource to be a fantastic collection of information about past and present violin makers from Britain. I have found it to be invaluable to my research into the history of making and was especially interested in the sections regarding early double basses. There is limited information about this specific subject so it was great to be able to read about it and compare the work of the makers as well as the other instruments that they made. Currently, I am working in Sheffield, making new double basses which I intend to focus on and establish myself in this area. I am also working part time for a couple of excellent double bass restorers which has given me the opportunity to work on fantastic instruments and has provided me great learning experiences.