Kit Wensley

Kit writes of his award:

For my second instrument I was given the 1691 7 string bass by Michel Colichon as a model. It has a five piece bent front, would be built off the back and has a carved head and painted motif for decoration. What ‘purfling’ exists is also painted. Initially, my main concern was the head and painting, as I had absolutely no experience with either. When the time came, though, both proceeded well and it was the front that caused me the most problems. It seemed to take an age for me to truly comprehend the angles each stave must be planed at. Still, the end result was pleasing, and the varnish, which we made from scratch, highlights the contrast between the walnut of the back and ribs and the spruce of the front. The boxwood pegs, another troublesome area for me, seem satisfactory, if somewhat simplistic. My thanks to the fine tutors at West Dean for helping me through this challenging but rewarding process, and to the RAB Trust for funding the purchase to those vital tools you never think you need until you need them.