Meet the trustees

The RAB Trust is run by a board of trustees who meet annually to consider applications.

We are:

Judith Blackwell - Founder and secretary of the Trust. Independent violin restorer based in Northumberland

Paul Bowers - Independent violin maker based in Edinburgh

Rachel Douglas - Chair of the Trust and former Managing Director of Frederick Phelps Ltd, London 

Colin Garrett - Treasurer of the Trust and independent violin maker and repairer based in Hertfordshire

Helen Michetschläger - Independent violin maker based in Manchester

The RAB Trust enabled me to buy some lovely pieces of wood. It is a real joy to work on such high quality wood. Every gouge cut is a little wonder to see how the wood looks underneath. I can’t wait to have the wood work finished and start varnishing the viola.
— Newark student, 2014

Philip Ihle - Independent violin maker based in London

Nigel Melfi - Independent violin maker based in Newark

Elaine Spicer - Bow specialist working for J&A Beare