Cello Sale

A cello made to benefit the RAB Trust has now been sold.

The cello came to life in Somerset in July 2013, in the workshop of cello maker Kai-Thomas Roth, who invited three Newark students to help him complete this instrument.  

The Brian Laurence cello has now found its home.  Named after a mature student at Newark in the 1980s, who started making the cello there but never got far with it, the instrument - along with the rest of Brian’s workshop - was donated to the Rowan Armour-Brown Memorial Trust after his death in 2012.  Kai-Thomas Roth, the well known maker (whose cellos are particularly prized), had been friendly with Brian at Newark and so decided to start on an ambitious project in collaboration with the Trust.  He invited three outstanding current Newark students to join him in completing the cello. Their time together working intensively on this project was a valuable learning experience for them all and showed yet again how important the apprentice system is for passing on skills and knowledge.  Stringers of London then undertook to display the cello and sell it on behalf of the Trust without charging commission; and it has now found an owner - Hamish Jamieson, a young Australian cellist.

Hamish lives in Brisbane and is currently working for his AmusA with the intention of going on to university to study music. He says of his new instrument: “I really like the overall warmth of the cello. It is unlike other cellos that I have played in that its sound fills the room with ease. The lower strings have a strong and deep tone that I love and I believe suits and betters my characteristics as a cellist”.  So a new instrument is in the New World and will assist a young musician in achieving his goal, after having helped three young makers hone their skills, whilst at the same time providing funds with which the RAB Trust will continue its work of supporting talented students and maintaining the high standards of violin making and restoration in the UK.

That certainly makes it a winner all round!

Stringers in London http://www.stringersmusic.com/stringers-in-london               

Kai-Thomas Roth info@kai-thomas-roth-cellos.com