The RAB Trust offers a number of awards each year to students of violin making at UK colleges. These include:

  • Financial grants. These could help to fund the purchase of wood or tools or the cost of a specific project. The Trust does not cover tuition fees or living expenses.

  • Work experience placements. The Trust seeks to find placements which match the interests and skill level of the students who request them. A contribution to travel and living expenses may be made. 

  • Outstanding students from each year’s applicants may be invited to apply for the Trust’s Special Award of £1000.

  • Outstanding students may be awarded funding for a course at the VSA Oberlin workshop or the BVMA Restoration Course.

How to apply

Applications are considered annually. The closing date is 31 March. Applications received after this date will not be considered. Download an application form by clicking the link below. Successful candidates who apply for a further grant must send written and photographic information about the work undertaken using the initial grant.

If you are awarded a work experience placement, read the information sheet blow:

When you have completed your placement, download and complete the form below:

Either email it to or print and post it to:

Judith Blackwell, RAB Trust Secretary

15 North Road, Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, TD15 1PW

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Judith on 01289 304383 or